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Vaccines And Their Reported Link With Autism

Autism is a very tough developmental disorder, which manifests at birth, particularly during the first three years of life. Autistic children look perfectly normal, just like other kids; however these kids mostly spend their time alone, and engage in disturbing behaviors that are quite different from other children. During the past few years, a number […]

Top Three Early Interventions For Autism

According to health researchers, the average age for diagnosing autism is 6 years old, although agencies such as the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that 18 to 24-month old babies need to be screened for autism [...]

Speech Therapy And Children With Autism

Autism is mysterious neurodevelopmental disorder, which usually manifests during the first three years of a child. An Autistic child may look as normal as any other kids, however they will often show erratic and disturbi[...]

How Can An Occupational Therapist Help A Child With Autism?

Occupational therapy is a skilled treatment method which helps people achieve independence and efficiency in all facets of living. The practice of occupational therapy is to assist individuals in developing or enhancing [...]

Behavior Therapy And Dealing With Autistic Individuals’ Temper Tantrums

Most children will have their tantrum bouts, and a temper tantrum is a quite straightforward thing. If the child does not get what he or she wants, then he or she throws a “fit”. According to behavioral experts, tant[...]

Autism Traits That Benefit An Individual’s Work Life

Autism is a severe neuro-developmental disorder which affects more and more children today. The disorder affects the child’s communication, social interaction, sensory and neurological processing, as well as their [...]

Autism And Puberty: The Challenges

According to an old adage in neuroscience, anything which affects the normal brain affects the neurologically impaired brain much greater. For example, a fever, injury or fatigue will exhibit greater strain on the mind o[...]

Autism And Disorders With Sensory Processes

According to medical researchers, a sensory process disorder or SPD, is basically a neurological disorder that causes difficulties in processing information from the five senses namely vision, touch, auditory, olfaction [...]

Autism and Adulthood: Finding Support Systems

Autism is a serious developmental disorder, which shows up during the first three years of a child’s life. While much of the attention has been shifted towards caring for autistic children, a lot still needs to be done[...]

Basic Nutritional Needs Of Autistic Children

Autism is defined as a developmental disorder that affects a child’s communication and social interaction skills. It also affects the person’s motor and language skills. Individuals who have autism can either[...]