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Vaccines And Their Reported Link With Autism

Autism is a very tough developmental disorder, which manifests at birth, particularly during the first three years of life. Autistic children look perfectly normal, just like other kids; however these kids mostly spend their time alone, and engage in disturbing behaviors that are quite different from other children. During the past few years, a number […]

Top Three Early Interventions For Autism

According to health researchers, the average age for diagnosing autism is 6 years old, although agencies such as the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that 18 to 24-month old babies need to be screened for autism and other developmental delays. Medical researcher stress that late diagnosis does not preclude treatment and progress, and many health […]

Speech Therapy And Children With Autism

Autism is mysterious neurodevelopmental disorder, which usually manifests during the first three years of a child. An Autistic child may look as normal as any other kids, however they will often show erratic and disturbing behavior, and are generally by their lonesome, and don’t show any interest in normal social interaction. Speech therapy is one […]

How Can An Occupational Therapist Help A Child With Autism?

Occupational therapy is a skilled treatment method which helps people achieve independence and efficiency in all facets of living. The practice of occupational therapy is to assist individuals in developing or enhancing the skills required for the job, as well as for enabling people to live independent and satisfying lives. Most occupational therapists work with […]

Behavior Therapy And Dealing With Autistic Individuals’ Temper Tantrums

Most children will have their tantrum bouts, and a temper tantrum is a quite straightforward thing. If the child does not get what he or she wants, then he or she throws a “fit”. According to behavioral experts, tantrums have different qualities, which distinguish them from the usual meltdowns. A child who’s having a tantrum […]

Autism Traits That Benefit An Individual’s Work Life

Autism is a severe neuro-developmental disorder which affects more and more children today. The disorder affects the child’s communication, social interaction, sensory and neurological processing, as well as their basic language and speech abilities. These individuals also rather opt not to mingle or interact with their peers, and are also most likely exhibit erratic and […]

Autism And Puberty: The Challenges

According to an old adage in neuroscience, anything which affects the normal brain affects the neurologically impaired brain much greater. For example, a fever, injury or fatigue will exhibit greater strain on the mind of an autistic individual twice as much as in that of a normal child. Puberty is a difficult time for children, […]

Autism And Disorders With Sensory Processes

According to medical researchers, a sensory process disorder or SPD, is basically a neurological disorder that causes difficulties in processing information from the five senses namely vision, touch, auditory, olfaction and taste. SPD also refers to difficulty in processing information from sense of movement and/or positional sense. For people with sensory process disorders, sensory information […]

Autism and Adulthood: Finding Support Systems

Autism is a serious developmental disorder, which shows up during the first three years of a child’s life. While much of the attention has been shifted towards caring for autistic children, a lot still needs to be done to effectively help these kids transition into young adults. Many children who have autism have not been […]