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Working with Autistic Children

Working with autistic children presents a lot of difficulties and challenges but those who are involved in this task attest that the challenges and difficulties are all worthwhile

Ways to work with an autistic child

For psychiatrists, social service providers, educators, and others, there are more than a dozen ways to work with an autistic child. As a child is diagnosed with autism a team of experts collaborate to identify the needs of the child and design an appropriate treatment plan for the individual child.

The parents, guardians, siblings, and significant others also need involvement in the treatment plan for an autistic child. They have to be educated of the proper ways of dealing with the autistic child. Certain tests has to be made to check the effectiveness of treatment and certain data has to be gathered and collated since these treatment plans are not made without sufficient evidences to support its design.

The challenges that comes in dealing with autistic children

Autism is a very complex condition. Its symptoms vary widely from individual to individual which makes it hard for care providers to find a suitable method of dealing with the child. Methods of treatment for autistic children differ in its effectiveness to each patient.

The persons involved in the care of the child who faces the greatest challenge are the child’s parents. Autistic children’s impairment in communication adds the greatest problem in their care. Autistic individuals find great difficulty in expressing themselves making it hard for those involved in their care to provide the proper relief to what causes their distress. An autistic child may just scream with annoyance due to the fabric of the clothes they are wearing.

Autistic children’s problems are also very deep seated requiring the tool they call behavioral analysis therapy to understand what causes their frequent attacks before being able to address the problem properly.

Strategies for teaching an autistic child

What one must bare in mind when dealing with autistic children is the welfare of the child. There have been a lot of improvements to teaching strategies for autistic kids. A number of tools have been identified that addresses the needs of an autistic child in learning. Teachers and other educators have learned a way of manipulating a child’s environment to better facilitate learning and eliminate the unnecessary stimuli that causes great distress to the autistic child.

Lighting and noise are factors that have to be considered in a child’s learning environment. The child will benefit from taking tests in environments that allow them to walk about while answering questions. Pictures also provides a way for teachers to make the autistic child understand ideas better than when an idea is given through abstract words. Employing stories to coach the child proper social skills also proves to be promising. Sticking to clear schedules is also of vital importance knowing that autistic children are uncomfortable to change. There is also a need to provide a well defined environment for the child to perform activities every day. These and a lot of other strategies can be used by health professionals to provide proper treatment for autistic persons.

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March 5th, 2010

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